Vogmask is the first stylish, super light, high efficiency, well-fitting, comfortable and reusable filtering FACE MASK in the world.

This mask is Quality Tested and Certified at BSI-London. 

Vogmask is the only protection mask in Europe in this style with a CE mark.

Manufactured with award winning filtering textile, Vogmask provides superior protection from PM 2.5 particles up to 0,3 microns

 Vogmask is worldwide the most loved protection mask by the eyelash, nail and permanent make up industry.

We sell the double valve organic Vogmask mostly to customers who prefer to wear organic cotton and also to customers who use their Vogmask for long hours a day as the double valve can be a bit more comfortable when breathing out during long working days and warm temperatures.

Unlike other more robust and heavy robotic looking mask brands on the market, Vogmask has a weight of only 40 grams and looks very fashionable. 


 *Vogmask is also very efficient for people with sensitive lungs and allergies.


 * Single & Double Valve Mask available in Medium and Large  


 * Vogmask is reusable and can be cleaned by hand wash.


 * Usable for 4 to 5 months

The single and double filtering capacity is exactly the same.

Please see the size measure below  as we are unable to change the size for hygiene reasons once the package is opened.

TIPP: Add Headstrap to your order!Headstrap accessories for your Vogmask to wear it more comfortable.

It helps to keep the mask fixed on the head and the ear straps will not pull the ears forward.

The mask comes without the headstrap.