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Beginner Russian Volume – 1 day course

Description: This course is for the ones who have already passed the basic level. On this training the practice gets even more attention. I teach you how to pick up 2-8 eyelashes with only one movement and how to apply safely and beautifully to one single eyelash. The customers always want more and nicer eyelashes so now I show you how to build extreme rich eyelashes without damaging the original ones. On this course you can learn about different forms of eyes and eyelashes. Moreover, I teach you how to form the eye with the extensions. I also help you to leave your bad habits behind. I will help you how to take professional photos of eyelashes and how to marketing your business.

VIP one-to-one price:  €679

Price includes:

  • accredited certificate

  • manual

  • training kit

  • 10% lifetime student discount for products

  • light refreshments

Duration: 10.00 am - 6.00 pm  



  • 10.00 am - 1.00 pm theory

  • 1.00 pm - 1.30 pm lunch

  • 1.30 pm - 2.30 pm skill building practice

  • 2.30 pm - 6.00 pm practice on live model